What is Taxonomy?

“Taxonomy”. One word with multiple understanding. When I’m being introduced to this term I was made to understand it is a folder hierarchy to store documents. I sticks with that understanding until I realized, taxonomy is more than that.

Taxonomy Creation

“Corporate taxonomy is the hierarchical classification of entities of interest of an enterprise, organization or administration, used to classify documents, digital assets and other information. Taxonomies can cover virtually any type of physical or conceptual entities (products, processes, knowledge fields, human groups, etc.) at any level of granularity.”Wikipedia

When developing taxonomy, a lot of things need to be consider. Most of the organization will use organizational structure as the basis. It is not wrong but it is not quite effective as there will be re-organize the structure and transformation may happened. When this happen then definitely the taxonomy required to change.

Organization Chart Taxonomy

The best way to come out with taxonomy is to take account all information existed in the organization, not only restricted to documents. The outcome should be a multi-facet taxonomy which can consume from multiple angles. Last time NASA did shared their taxonomy to public which for me it is a good reference when developing multi-facet taxonomy.

Multi-Facet Taxonomy

Other things that need to be consider that the taxonomy should not be 100% structured. It can be balance maybe 70% structured and 30% unstructured. By having this your implementation can be easily fit with your business processes.

Structured vs Unstructured

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