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I Won two Grandstand Tickets for Malaysia vs Chelsea!/notes/naza-world/get-fired-up-with-the-blues-contest-winner-list/10150240577933790

Let Me Google It For You

I just discovered this website  It will animate and teach who ever that you asked you anything which can be google it. Give it a try.

Let Me Google It For You


Bila hujan, pak cik pasar malam tak boleh meniaga, twitter @kltrafficupdate penuh dengan maki-makian serta pointing fingers, tak ada aircond pon dah cukup buat terasa macam duduk di hotel.

Afif Boring

Last Wednesday, a day I won’t forget. Uprising days for Harimau Malaya was booed by forgotten Malaysian so called Gooners Forever. Also on that day Ultras Malaya had boycott that circus game. And that is the first time Afif felt bored in a stadiums. The 4 years old boy missed Ultras chants so much. He still can’t believe that surrounding people celebrating Harimau Malaya’s defeat. “Abi Malaysia menang ke?”.


Sad moment for him