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Terengganu vs Perlis

Watch this game with koi. Sadly we’re using the 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens which got problems with auto-focus system. So wat you see here were those luckiest snaps. 15 pressed button result 1 photo. Pretty hard huh?




Incidents which gave Terengganu penaltu kick..


Tanggo Time..


Perlis re-reign..

Red Card

Disgrace for captain’s red card..


Pity for our great captain..


Man of the match..

Follow by Example

Follow by examples..

A boy in my mom’s boutique

He is my mom’s friend son.. I met him while their parents visit my mom’s boutique.. He was so photogenic.. Love to see him infront of the camera.

Boy 1

Boy 2

Malam Sumbangsih SMAPK bersama Mawi

SMAPK, my former high school had organized a charity dinner at Dewan Felda. Mawi, the invited artist made his 1st performance after his long rest due to death of his late father.I met my teachers with nostalgic feelings, remembering the old times when I was scolded for doing wrong things. Anyway, past is past. I won’t be as I am if I keep blaming what happened in the past. :p




Practicle CandidSyndrom Forum V2

Sharing is Caring

Last weekend (30th July 2006), CandidSyndrom Forum had organized a practicle session for photographers. With an objective for landscape photography which is turned out to various photography, the outcome were really great as it was guided by experienced Bazuki, SN, Adi, Moqh, Udey, Razak Latif, Zcool, and some more whom I may left out their names.Attached was some of the activities snapshots/outcomes. As what I can say, as long there’s somebody would like to share something with you, go and get it. You wouldn’t know when they’ll stop sharing. 😉






CS Forum Practical PhotoShoot 02

This coming weekend CS Forum will organize their 2nd Practicle PhotoShoot. Here is the teaser.CS Outdoor Photoshoot 02