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Conducting Situational Assessment

Towards improving business processes, issues that causing ineffectiveness need to be identify. Conducting situational assessment will help surfacing business pains and gaps. The activity’s approach can be either soft or hard assessment. Hard assessment is more specific using tools or mechanisme against the assessment subject. For this article we will only focus on soft assessment.

Soft assessment means that an assessment which involved interactions with subject or focus group. Activities taken might be workshops, interviews, discussions, questionaires and other related. It may look simples but in reality it is not. Sometimes involved subject came from totally different backgrounds which lead to confusion and disagreement when to achieve the result. It may due to knowledge gap and behavior inconsistency.

In order to overcome soft issues, several techniques can be apply. Below are some examples that may be follow.

1. Develop a Plot (Guideline)
Usually when assessing subject with problem queries, sometime they might turn out spelling their own problem rather than organization pain point. Constructing a flow of questions that balancing about 30% individual issues and 70% organisation issues will help a lot during analysis study.

2. Manage Interaction Between Baby Boomers, GenX and GenY
The generations gap really makes information findings so difficult. Different views raised as later generation will saying about the organization legacy and what was written to follows while the new generation urging for doing in things in new ways. Separating between this group will give you more accurate results when the felt their ideas and thought is acceptable.

3. Do Background Homeworks
Resistance always occurred when communicating with subject when delivering new changes. They could not relate the requirement to for the changes when examples given were referred to other implementation. Delivering your ideas during conversations along with cases relate to their working spaces will make subject felt being valued.

4. Put Your Self in Their Shoes
Filtering assessment questions by putting your self on their point of view. Item no 3 is the pre requisite for this techniques. By having this it will make your questions clear, straight to the point and easy to responds.

5. Target Influencer
Usually there will be somebody that will be the source of reference or blesser. Conducting any assessment without syndicating with this subject will make your proposals to be rejected. Understand properly gathered information and ensure it meet the influencer’s envision.

Each activities conducted will assist on understanding actual issues. From time to time, gained experiences is the key factor for getting good results.