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EkadMalaysia Is Almost Done!

I had managed to finish 90% of the ekadmalaysia back end . Some of the security issue had been solved. For mean time I need some contribution from designer to submit their card design. Particular as below:

  1. Size : 400px width / 350px height
  2. Theme is widely open. It can be special occasion, love, friendship, condolence, thank you and any that you think is related.

Submission can be send to me at madfozi [at] gmail [dot] com.


Relief! But still need to continue other works!

After restless 4 hardworking days, my body start freaking out. I got cough, shaking body and unstable temperature. I had 13 hours sleep yesterday. And today I’m began to finish up ekadmalaysia project. The system almost paid the price. Hopefully everything is on track.


Currently I’m working on ekadmalaysia, which is an online greeting card service. This website was a big hit on 2004 and 2005, but later had been shutdown due to server problem. Thus I had this initiative to rebuild and revamp this website entirely. I create this website using my own php framework which is called MyLib. I will open MyLib framework to public when I feel that it is ready to face the public.